Reset Your Body in 10-Days!

  • Feeling Tired?
  • Got bloat?
  • Addicted to sugar?
  • Can't seem to get the scale to budge?

In 10-days you'll be on a path to less bloat, less fatigue, and a boosted metabolism for weight loss!

I'm ready to feel better!


It's easy to become frustrated and discouraged when it comes to weight loss.  You're doing everything right.  By the frickin' book!  And yet that needle on the scale won't budge!


Fatigue can ruin your life!  It sucks not having energy.  It sucks telling your family you're tired.  You try to get good sleep but it doesn't work out.  You WANT to have fun but you're frustrated with the lack of energy.

Commitment Issues?

It's hard committing to change.  Especially when you've tried everything else and nothing works.  You've ramped up workouts.  You added kale (ugh!).  You're restricting calories.  You throw your hands in the air and give up.

Why keep spinning your wheels? 

Why keep doing the same things over and over and expect a different result?

I believe that's the definition of insanity.  Maybe it's time to get your wits about you and change your game plan? 

Like Susan Powter said...

Stop the insanity!

Tell me you're ready!

It's okay...I know you are 😉

Join me for the 10-Day Body Reset.  Because in 10-days, you'll:

👉drop sugar - it won't run your life anymore!

👉drop fatigue - no more afternoon slump!

👉drop the bloat - say goodbye to discomfort!

👉drop weight - feel good in your skin again!

What more could you ask for?

Here's what you get:

10 keys to unlocking your body's weight loss potential

  • Reduce inflammation so you can say buh-bye to bloat & high cholesterol
  • Decrease stress so you can sleep better & relax more
  • Improve digestion for better bowels & increased weight loss
  • Take the guess work out of food labels (what do those numbers even mean?)
  • Learn to listen to your body so you stop overeating without giving up everything you love
  • Meal planning short cuts so you can meal prep like a pro
  • Snacks!!  What are the best snack options and when to eat them
  • Exercise nutrition to take your weight loss to another level
  • Busting through sugar cravings like a boss!
  • Everything you need to keep on keepin' on after the 10-days

A full 10-day meal plan (don't worry vegans...I got you!)

  • Shopping lists to guide you so cookies don't magically appear in the cart
  • Handouts to make the science digestible
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you'll have a shoulder to lean on when times get tough

You get everything you need to crush your goals! 

And support to make this change a lasting one!

Let's crush some goals!

"I joined because I was looking to lose weight. The program was easy to follow and all my questions were answered. The length of time was perfect! I was able to lose a few pounds and learn what I needed to do to keep up my progress."

"My weight loss had stalled. I needed a jump start to get things moving again. The 10-Day Body Reset was exactly what I needed. The course materials were great. The information was laid out exactly how I needed. The support throughout was spot on. And, I lost weight!"

"You totally over delivered with your recipes, meal plans, and topics. Your introduction to the course was so great, I found myself so excited to have access and was telling my husband how I can’t wait to go through it."

Sneak Peak!


My name is Sunny Brigham, MS, CNS, and I’m a board-certified clinical & integrative nutritionist who helps women eliminate their bloat, reduce their fatigue, and lose weight.  I do this by balancing their hormones and rebuilding their gut

I put this program together to make it EASY for people to get back on track with their health goals.  I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. 

I’d love it if you could join us! 

Sunny Brigham, MS, CNS

Board-Certified Clinical & Integrative Nutritionist

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